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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have many questions as you plan and prepare for your trip with Mandala Adventures.  We have assembled a handful of most commonly asked questions.  You can ask us additional questions by emailing us at or give us a call at 1-801-823-1551.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Will I get to meet the local people?

Along the way, you will encounter shop and restaurant owners, traders, porters, farmers,  schoolteachers, and curious children. Some will speak English — others will not.  But their desire to interact is often as strong as yours, resulting in creative efforts at communication.  Many people bring Polaroid or digital cameras; others bring photos of home, family and friends or a collection of postcards from their home state.  These make particularly good points of contact with both adults and children.

Who will be leading the trip?

Some of our scheduled adventures, which reach critical mass, will be lead by seasoned trip leaders in concert with local guide(s)(See trip details for specific information). Mandala Adventure’s trip leaders combine a love and knowledge of Asian culture with an understanding of the logistical quirks to ensure a seamless journey.

Custom trips are usually led by a member of our esteemed panel of local guides.  In the event a scheduled trip does not reach “critical mass,” the trip will be led by one of our guides who have received the highest marks.

Mandala Adventure’s emphasizes a relaxed and personal relationship between clients and field staff. The trip is structured to allow you, your guides and any additional support staff the opportunity to get acquainted and to develop greater appreciation and understanding of your similarities and differences between their culture and yours.  Many travelers find the relationship they develop with staff members to be among the highlights of the trip, providing an unexpected wealth of insight into the local culture.

Trip leaders and local Guides, who lead our trekking departures, have been trained in mountain safety and first aid procedures.

Can I book a private trip and/or customize an existing, published itinerary?

Absolutely! In fact, about half our business consists of private and/or custom trips for individuals, couples, families and small groups of friends. If you are seeking to create your own departure – or if our published catalogue trips do not fit your schedule, Mandala Adventures can prepare a customized, private expedition for you. You can book an entire catalogue trip departure just for your group of friends or family or organize a study trip for a special interest group and we’ll find experts in your area of interest.  The possibilities are endless and we are here to make sure that your idea is realized just the way you have envisioned it.

How big are Mandala Adventure groups?

On our classic departures, we limit group size to a maximum of 15 for overland cultural trips and 12 for most trekking trips. Most trips will run with as few as two members.

Special/Custom group departures may vary from these parameters.