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Why Mandala Adventures

We love to customize Asian travel. Our affection for the countries and peoples of Asia informs our work. Explore the artistry and spirit that have defined us since 2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn from our experience. We’ve been serving travelers since 2000, so we’ve heard lots of questions and we’ve provided lots of answers. Here are the most helpful ones.

Booking Information

Soon your eyes will be dazzled by Asia. First, read the Terms & Conditions for your Mandala Adventure’s trip. An Asian expedition is a big investment and it’s important that you read the “user’s manual.”

Travelers’ Health

Traveling to remote and parts of Asia requires advance planning. Read our experience-based medical and immunization suggestions, then pop a first aid kit in your gear bag.

Visa Information

Before the wonder begins, things must be in order. Will you need a visa? Do you arrange for it now or will you get it at your destination? We’ve done the homework for you.

Travel Conditions

We consult with experts to ensure your safety. In preparation for your trip, read current global travel advisories and Counselor Information Sheets from the U.S. State Department.