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About Us

Designing trips that flow smoothly through Nepal is an art. After 18 years of specialization and experience in travel through this exciting country, we understand how to weave your expectations and dreams into the actual intricacies of permits, flights, visas and hotel reservations. When you call the Mandala Adventures office, we will assist you in choosing the trip that matches your schedule, budget and interests. Then we set the wheels in motion to land you in one of most highly sought-after destinations in Asia.

Members of our Salt Lake City staff come from diverse backgrounds, but share key interests. We all settled in this city as an attractive compromise between living in an urban environment and enjoying easy access to some of North America’s best skiing, fishing, mountain biking, and hiking. The mountainous landscape surrounding the Salt Lake valley reminds us daily of Nepal’s high ranges and plateaus.

Together, we continually build on our knowledge of all-things-Nepalese through an ongoing training program which includes study, reading, motion pictures, food tasting, cooking, local culture, and periodic travel abroad.